Permaweb Pioneers

Institutional archiving and more with Peter of Arkly

Episode Summary

Arkly enables archiving of information for both individuals and institutions. Peter Van Garderen has decades of experience creating widely used digital preservation tools for institutions of all sizes, he's now bringing this technology and know-how to the Permaweb.

Episode Notes

The world of institutional digital preservation has been going on for decades, and Peter Van Garderen has been a leading force as the founder of Artefactual Systems. His company has produced the most widely deployed archive management solutions in the world - Archivematica and Access-to-Memory

Peter's journey has led him to web3 and he's now working on a number of projects that require archiving of data, including Landano (land management dApp) and Orcfax (Cardano oracle).

"My agenda is to apply record-keeping and archival science research and standards to web3. While blockchain document notarization and Arweave's permaweb design solve some fundamental issues for long-term access to authentic digital information, there is still a layer of (professional standard) record-keeping business logic that is missing from web3 platforms. I plan to tackle this shortcoming in Arkly." - Peter Van Garderen is in the early development stage (at the time of this recording) and the plan is to open access to the Arkly API for other Web3 projects in Q4 2022 and launch a user-interface in early 2023.

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